Welcome back to my new and improved blog. I know it has been way too long since I've put new content on my blog. To say it has gone stale would be a severe understatement. I feel over the last 4 years, I have definitely lost touch with the community around me. To that end, I've used the recent quarantine to take the opportunity for self improvement. I've been working on expanding my skills in different technologies, with a mission of improving my skills with open source technologies. My goal is to make myself a more open minded architect. I've also begun to take a harder look at other parts of my professional life to see how I can improve.

To that end, I have decided to pull down my original blog and get rid of the content. What was there was either outdated, broken in some way, or no longer relevant to the professional path I'm on. If I felt my posts were still valuable to individuals or myself, I would have kept it. Unfortunately web traffic told another story, that was ultimately created by my lack of activity in recent years.

So welcome back. I'm looking forward to bringing more content to the blog in the coming weeks and months to revive this blog, and my involvement in the community.

The first post I'm working on seemed like the right place to start again. I'm writing up a blog post on how I've constructed my new blog. As you may have noticed, I've moved away from Wordpress. I'm now using the platform Ghost, which is enjoying a growing popularity with technical bloggers. I'll dive in to my "why" later.