One of the most frustrating and monotonous things to do, is to go through and install all the applications that you need on a new development workstation. In this video I did for Tales from the Field, I go through a script I made for configuring my workstations, the tool I use to make it work, and how I configured what I built an have out on GitHub.

Below I've added the video, the link to the Github repository, and embedded a Twitter conversation I had with one of the developers at Chocolatey after he watched my video. He has some great thoughts I'm looking to put in to my project.

Follow Up Links
Machine-Setup Repository on GitHub

Twitter Conversation with a Chocolatey Developer

Tweet from Gary Ewan Park from Chocolatey

Enjoy the video and let me know if you have any questions or comments. You can do that here in the blog, as an issue on the GitHub repository, or on YouTube on the video. Thanks for stopping by!