Tech Field Day 10, Here I Come

That’s right ladies and gentleman. It’s that time again. I have been invited to another Tech Field Day event. This time, instead of Data Field Day, I’m going to Tech Field Day. If you’re not familiar with Tech Field Day, by all means, head over to and take a look.TFD-Logo-400x398

It’s an opportunity for tech bloggers and influencers to talk to the vendors we all deal with daily, across all parts of IT like networking, storage, virtualization, and data, just to name a few. The panel sits down with that company to hear their presentation and ask questions. The presentations are normally based on what new thing they are bringing to the market, and sometimes, that’s them.

Tech Field Day 10 has a packed slate of awesome delegates on the panel with me this year. Take a look:

The vendor lineup will not disappoint either. It’s just as stacked as the delegates. See for yourself:

The best part of Tech Field Day, is you can be there too….well, virtually. The meetings are streamed online by Tech Field Day on their site We start Wednesday morning bright and early. For the full schedule, head over to the Tech Field Day website. If you have any questions for the vendors, send them to me via email, comment here on my blog, or @JoshLuedeman on Twitter.