The Big Data Blog Series

Over the last few years I’ve been speaking a lot on the subject of Big Data. I started by giving an intermediate session called “Show Me Whatcha’ Workin’ With”. This session was designed for people who had attended a one hour introductory session that showed you how to load data, to look at possible applications of the technology in your environment, types of projects that Hadoop and other technologies are good for, and technologies that work well with Hadoop in the predictive analytics space. Each time I give that session though, I find myself reviewing just exactly what Hadoop and Big Data is, because a lot of data professionals still haven’t wrapped their head around this technology set. To make sure attendees get value from my session, I try to cover a quick overview of the technology along with my hour long session content, and usually run out of time.

I have done that enough now, that I have decided to attack the problem from another direction. Instead of giving a rough introduction to the technology in my sessions, but cutting the intermediate class material, I have decided to publish an Introduction to Big Data blog series. The series will lay the foundation of what these technologies are, along with a high level of how they work. Depending on the subject matter, there may even be demos in the posts, whether step-by-step or video walkthroughs.

I’m looking forward to publishing this blog series and hope that you will join me in this journey. As I publish new posts in the series, I will list the blog posts at the end of this one. Look for my next post on Hadoop Basics and Concepts.