New Adventures in Life

I have been honored with some great opportunities in my career. The work I’ve done across multiple industries (higher education, manufacturing, software, etc.) has allowed me to become a very well rounded professional. I have had the opportunity to work on some great teams over my career with some great organizations like Corning Inc., Florida State University Foundation, Electronic Arts, and InfoTech International. These great teams and organizations have prepared me for the next chapter in my career. Starting on April 28, 2014, I will be the newest BI Consultant for Pragmatic Works.

This is a very exciting step in my career because I have tried to do the work both professionally, and on my free time, to prepare me for a consulting role. I knew that this was the next step I wanted to take in my career. As part of my role with Pragmatic Works, I will be helping our clients to better utilize their data to make better business decisions. Now that I am a consultant, there will obviously be a travel involvement which in turn will allot me additional opportunities to speak at user group and SQL Saturday events. I will also be speaking this summer at the second annual Code On the Beach event in Jacksonville Beach, FL, which is coming up August 6-8, 2014. I have sessions on Reporting Services, Big Data, and Self Service BI topics.If you are looking for a speaker for your event or user group, feel free to contact me at or on twitter, @JoshLuedeman.