Code On the Beach 2013

codeonthebeach-logoI had the great honor of speaking at Code on the Beach this past weekend, August 16th-18th. If you’re not familiar, which I wouldn’t be surprised because this was the first ever, is a developers’ conference in Jacksonville, Florida that is held at the beautiful One Ocean Resort right on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. The committee that came together to organize this conference was headed by Paul Irwin (@paulirwin), with Mike Potts (@hackmp | blog) and others from the Jacksonville developer community. They set out to create a developers’ conference that would attract developers to Jacksonville to show them how great the city is, while also making it a welcoming experience for developers to bring their families along to enjoy the experience.

It was a great conference experience for everyone. From the keynote with Scott Hanselman (@shanselman | blog) which was inspiring, hilarious, and informative, to the eye opening session from Greg Young (@gregyoung | blog) on Polyglot Data. The organizers did a great job of attracting great speaking talent to Jacksonville, while also highlighting the beautiful gem of the area, the beaches.

Now as well all know, when considering a conference, especially as speakers, we have to sell the value to our companies to give us the time out of work, or even to sponsor, but we also have to sell our significant others on why we should go. The company sale can be difficult because you are trying to convince your boss to send you to a beach to get training (yeah, I know….not easy), but Scott Hanselman made a great point in that this conference has a great “wife factor”. In that, you would be hard pressed to not convince your wife that taking her and your children to this conference was a bad idea.

During the closing, it was also announced that Code on the Beach 2014 will happen next year. Also, as a complete curve-ball, Paul and crew announced a great spin on Code on the Beach, which is Code on the Sea. Code on the Sea will be a 5 day Bahama cruise conference for developers that will set sail in 2016. I can tell you that this speaker, among others, had a great time and I can’t wait until they start the call for speakers for Code on the Beach 2014. I look forward to speaking again next year on a new topic.

Speaking of that, I delivered my session on SSRS: Azure or On-Prem. I had a great turnout with great questions. I was actually surprised to receive as much interest and good questions during my session as I did. I made the incorrect assumption that since I was speaking at a developers’ conference, that a reporting subject wouldn’t fair as well. I would like to say thank you to everyone who did attend my session and gave me great feedback afterwards. As promised, my slide deck is posted here for everyone to have.

I look forward to seeing everyone at next year’s event.