SQL Saturday #192

John Welch presenting at SQL Saturday #192
John Welch presenting at SQL Saturday #192

Today I have had the great opportunity to attend SQL Saturday #192 in Tampa, FL. This is probably one of the best lineups of speakers I have seen for a SQL Saturday event. With great representation from across the PASS community, if you were here, you had the opportunity to attend great sessions by people like Buck Woody (@BuckWoody), John Welch (@John_Welch), Jose Chinchilla (@SQLJoe), Jonathan Kehayias (@SQLPoolboy), and many other MVP’s from the SQL Server community. If you were in the Tampa area and you didn’t make it, I’m sorry but you should have. If you were here, then you know exactly what I’m talking about.

I personally had the great opportunity to attend a few sessions by some of these people and want to take the opportunity highlight a few of them.

I started my morning off with Jose Chinchilla presenting a session that introduces you to Self Service BI using PowerPivot and Power View (mind the gap). This was a great session to show you how Microsoft is going about putting access to BI in to the users hands in an effective way. If your eyes crossed when I said Self Service BI, then you need to get on the bus before you get left behind.

Like everyone else in the IT world, I know Big Data is the next big thing and is moving forward quickly. With that in mind, I wanted to make sure I hit at least one Big Data session today. With my very basic understanding of Hadoop, I chose John Welch‘s session called “Moving Big Data – SSIS, Pig, and Sqoop”. This session gave you a great high level understanding of the different layers of what a basic Hadoop setup would entail. He goes over some of the “animals” of Big Data, along with their role.

I also took a step outside of the BI world to attend Jonathan Kehayias‘s session on “Performance Tuning by Digging in to the Plan Cache”. I have to say, if you have not attended one of his sessions, your missing out on an opportunity to learn from one of the best resources in the community. Jonathan’s session on the Plan Cache has pointed me in the right direction to hopefully find the source of, and hopefully fix, some of the issues I am fighting in my current environment.

Again, these weren’t all the best sessions at this event just a few that I personally attended and highlighted. If you have an opportunity to attend an event like this and you don’t, then I feel bad for you. You are missing out on a great opportunity to learn from some of the best in our industry, while also getting a great opportunity to network with them, and others who attend the event. If you go and you feel to shy to walk around and introduce yourself to people, start with me. You’ve read my blog, so I feel like we know each other. Start here and we’ll work our way around the room.